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GRAVINA DI CATANIA (CT), 5st edition, from 28th of November to 1st of December 2019




  1. The municipality of Gravina di Catania and the cultural associations “Gravina Arte” and “No_Name”, organize the event “Via dei Corti” – 4st edition of the Independent Short Film Festival.

Screenings will take place from 28th of November to 1st of December 2019 at the “Angelo Musco” Auditorium, Viale dell’Unione Europea – Centro Civico, Gravina di Catania (CT).


  1. Section DOCUMENTARY of the festival is open to all national and international documentaries, published or unpublished. Documentaries already selected in other festivals are admitted to participate.


  1. Documentaries of any genre are admitted to the selection, provided they last at least 20 minutes and they cover the topic above-mentioned. The artistic direction reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to also include in the final selection works shorter than 20 minutes, in case these are deemed particularly deserving.


  1. The author shall reply to the content of his works.


  1. The artistic direction will select, at its absolute discretion, the finalist documentaries from among all the works submitted. The selected works will be screened on the days when the festival will take place according to a schedule which will be promptly notified. A dedicated technical jury, chaired by a personality from the film world, will assign the following awards:


         BEST DOCUMENTARY (plaque of recognition)


  1. You can participate to the selection in the following ways:

            a- by sending a copy of your documentary (with Italian subtitles for international works) in DVD PAL format, as well as the entry form duly completed and signed to the following address:  Associazione “Gravina Arte”, via Del Carabiniere, 1 – 95030 Gravina di Catania (CT);

            b- by submitting a copy of your documentary through a private link Vimeo (or similar), as well as the entry form duly completed and signed, by email, to the address: info@vaideicorti.it.


  1. The entry form and this competition announcement can be downloaded from the official website of the Festival (www.viadeicorti.it) or from the website of the municipality of Gravina di Catania (www.comune.gravina-di-catania.ct.it). In addition, the above-mentioned registration forms can be solicited from the e-mail address info@viadeicorti.it or from Facebook at the address http://www.facebook.com/viadeicorti.


  1. The submission of works and the related costs of dispatch are at the expense of the sender. The organization takes no responsibility for theft, loss or damage of works.


  1. The entry form includes the consent form for the use of the documentary in the festival “Via dei Corti” and in all events subsequent to the festival and linked to the event “Via dei Corti” (and to the organizational associations). It must be duly filled in and signed: without it, the work you sent will not be admitted to the selection process.


  1. In the case you send your work by post, the DVD of the work and the entry form must be placed in the same envelope and dispatched exclusively with priority mail.


  1. If envelopes are sent from non-EU countries, they must bear the words: “per soli scopi culturali, senza finalità commerciali” (“for cultural purposes only, with no commercial purposes”).


  1. The DVDs submitted will not be returned and will be stored in “Gravina Arte” association and “No_Name” association offices.


  1. The authors of the selected works will be promptly informed and asked to send one photo of themselves and one of their documentary, as well as a brief bio-filmography for the poster of the event: it is therefore unnecessary, as a first step, to send other than the DVD and the entry form.


  1. The deadline for the submission of works is 15 August 2019 (for works dispatched by priority post, the postmark date will serve as a proof).


  1. The sending of the entry form implies the full acceptance of this regulation. For matters not covered by this regulation, the organization reserves the final decision.

The jury, the selected works, the screening schedule, and general information will be published on the official festival website www.viadeicorti.it and on the municipality of Gravina di Catania website www.comune.gravina-di-catania.ct.it. For further information: info@viadeicorti.it



Reporting under art. 13 del D.Lgs.196/2003 (code of privacy)

The data collected from the entry form will be processed by the cultural association Gravina Arte” for institutional activities and will be used by the secretary of the Festival for informative purposes through communications sent also by e-mail. In this respect, the cultural association “Gravina Arte” would like to inform you that data subject to processing shall be entitled to exercise the rights of the code of privacy, with special reference to the possibility of ascertaining the nature and type of data held by the association, of being able to request their integration or rectification, as well as being able to exercise at any time the right to object to the processing and to the receiving of communications by e-mail, with the consequent request for the deletion of data.




The entry form must be signed and fully filled in. Please send it in the following ways:

a- by priority mail to “Associazione Gravina Arte, via del Carabiniere 1 – 95030, Gravina di Catania (CT)”;

b- by email to the address: info@viadeicorti.it.


DEADLINE: 15 AUGUST 2019 (for works dispatched by post, the postmark date will serve as a proof)


TITLE: ___________________________________________________________________________________________


DIRECTION: ____________________________________ EDITING: _____________________________________


PHOTOGRAPHY: _____________________________ SCREENPLAY: _________________________________


LEADING ACTOR: ______________________________________________________________________________


LEADING ACTRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________


SOUNDTRACK: __________________________________________________________________________________


COUNTRY: _________________ DURATION: ____________ SHOOTING FORMAT: _________________


YEAR: ____________ GENRES: _____________________ PRODUCTION: _____________________________


Other festivals you have participated in and granted awards you may have won:










TELEPHONE: ___________________________________________________________________________________


E-MAIL (READABLE):  _________________________________________________________________________


Declaration of acceptance of the Regulation


I, the undersigned ______________________________________ born on ___________________ in ________________, resident in____________________________________________________

hereby declares to have entirely read and accepted the Regulation of the Independent Short Film Festival “Via dei Corti”.


date ___________________                                   SIGNATURE _____________________________



Declaration of consent form


I, the undersigned _______________________________________ born on __________________ in ________________, resident in____________________________________________________

grants the consent for public screening within the Festival “Via dei Corti” and for all subsequent events related to the festival “Via dei Corti”, organized in whole or in part by  “Via dei Corti” (or by organizational associations) or which involve the participation of “Via dei Corti” and/or in which appear the logo “Via dei Corti”; and the consent for the storage and reproduction of data and paper photographic materials related to the work linked to the initiative of his/her own work titled: ___________________________________________________________________


date ___________________                                   SIGNATURE _____________________________